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Bakery Management Systems

Bakery and Morning Goods Systems

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Solution overview

Used by some of best known bakeries and morning goods producers and suppliers in the UK and Ireland, our bakery management systems and bakery delivery software offers bakery-specific modules to support your delivery drivers and office staff.

Regular, repeat business such as the delivery of bakery and morning goods is easily managed. This bakery management system includes features such as standing orders, template orders and returns management features, as well as tracking of valuable company assets, such as trays and baskets.

Benefits to your business

  • Single solution to manage all functions
  • Highly efficient order processing and fulfilment substantially reduces costs
  • Optimise delivery routes to reduce cost and increase driver productivity
  • Reduce 'stales' and returns costs
  • Accurate invoicing including VAT calculations
  • Weekly invoice billing formats
  • Strict but easy to manage credit controls
  • Report driver progress in real-time
  • Gain competitive advantage and portray a professional company image
  • Gain greater business insight
  • Grow your bakery business

Bakery specific features include:

  • Tray and basket tracking
  • Easy to use repeat and standing order management
  • Sale or return account management and reporting
  • Predictive sales orders optimising sales and minimising returns
  • Sell Through Rates calculated by product at retailer level
  • Production demand reports based on customer orders
  • Week-on-week payments/credit profile
  • Daily and weekly invoicing

Our bakery management system is a proven, full-featured, cost-justified, integrated software solution for automating transactions across your bakery business and reducing paperwork. The bakery management software is fully customisable to interface with your existing accounting system or can work as a stand-alone bakery management solution for your mobile workforce and office personnel.

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