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Consignment Stock Management System

Consignment Stock System

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Solution overview

Consignment stock is closely related to sale-or-return, provision of which is one of the most important factors in sales growth for many of our users. Our consignment stock module fully supports in-field sale-or-return and the various adjustment permutations, such as ‘swap outs’, ‘equivalent replacements’ and ‘near same value replacements with tolerances’, as well as providing extensive back office reporting on returns and stock levels by customer, product, sales rep, reason and more.

However, the consignment stock module takes the sale-or-return concept one step further. Rather than selling products to a retailer and providing a credit if they are not sold, consignment stock only bills the retailer for products sold to the consumer. The fundamental difference being the stage at which the retailer is billed within the replenishment cycle.

The consignment stock model has significant benefits to the retailer including;

  • lower costs for retailers as stock is not funded by them allowing them to stock more lines thus increasing sales
  • less risk for the retailer as if stock doesn’t sell it will be uplifted at no cost to him
  • positive cashflow as retailers collect payment for sales but have not yet paid for the stock.

Taking the risks from the retailer means that you can win more business. It also means that tight controls and processes must be enforced by your business. The consignment stock module supports these processes as well as the back office stock and financial transaction processing required. In summary; consignment stock processes are fully automated - with extensive reporting functionality keeping suppliers in full control at all times.

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Benefits to your business

  • Increase customer-base without increasing costs
  • Encourage customers to stock more lines
  • Maximise sales
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Manage all transactions accurately
  • Gain greater sales-trend insight
  • Increase productivity and number of calls
  • Grow your business


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