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Ginsters Van Sales System

Ginsters implements van sales system from Mobile Enterprise Systems

Ginsters, probably the best known vans sales operation in the UK, is rolling out a van sales system from Mobile Enterprise Systems.

In a clean sweep, Ginsters is replacing not only a DOS based handheld system but also its front office operational systems with this comprehensive, modern, Windows based van sales solution. Ginsters, the brand of choice for 'food on the move' snacks, operates a nationwide service, with 150 vans from 16 sales offices, providing its customers with high quality sandwiches, sausage rolls and pasties on a seven-days-a-week service.

Ginsters Sales and Marketing Director is a huge advocate of innovation in pursuit of 'total customer service' and comments, "Ginsters has been innovative in moving to seven day service, our product range has won awards time after time and now we are launching a whole new initiative in customer service with the new system. Ginsters' sales have doubled from £100m to £200m over the past four years, making it one of the ten biggest food brands in the UK. We are implementing this system to maintain that level of growth and to continue to develop competitive edge."

Shaun Galloway, Finance Director of Ginsters, explained why Mobile Enterprise Systems won the Ginsters business; "Previously we bought source code and developed our own system. We initially assumed we'd have to write the new system as well but, as a precaution, we reviewed the available van sales packages to make sure we got the very best we could for our business. Frankly, most of the systems we saw just confirmed our early opinions. That is, until Mobile Enterprise Systems came along."

"We soon saw that their system offered functionality and flexibility well in excess of anything we planned to develop. The level of management control in the front office combined with user flexibility on the handheld is amazing"

Judge adds; "The system offers tremendous flexibility and imagination just where we want to make step changes in our business. It offers excellent support to the sales team, even on the most complex customer prices and promotions. It suggests to the salesman what to supply at each call and helps him add value for our customers by providing detailed product and sales history information to aid the customer's decision making."

"We are implementing the system using the GPRS network, so we get immediate information on sales and deliveries the second they are made. We can even see sales progress on a minute by minute basis throughout the day and thus make better informed marketing and production decisions."

Jack Sane, Director at Mobile Enterprise Systems says; "Ginsters have a well thought out and ambitious vision of what they want to do in their business and how they want to develop. Most systems just couldn't match up to their vision and got short shrift as a result. But our system is used by some of the best van sales and delivery companies in the world and really does justify the phrase 'best in class'."

Judge concludes; "This system hits our three main targets. Firstly we'll have better control and information on our business. Secondly the system will mean much less office time and more selling time for the sales team. Thirdly, and most importantly, our customers will see a huge difference, they'll see even more imagination in our pricing and promotions, we'll offer better sell-through advice and more accurate stocking - and all while spending less time in the store!"

Mobile Enterprise Systems Ltd provides delivery management solutions to some of the best-known mobile sales and service companies in the world. The system is currently being used in more than 17 countries by thousands of mobile workers every day, providing significant administrative savings, increasing mobile worker efficiency and improving customer service while providing the highest quality management information.

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