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Mobile Document Scanning : Invoice Software

Integrated document scanning from Intermec

Mobile Enterprise Systems was one of a number of key mobile data system vendors to attend the recent UK launch of the new Intermec CN4 and CN50 handheld range. Presenting one of a co-ordinated series of shows as part of the simultaneous worldwide launch, the UK senior management of Intermec outlined a number of unique features which the advent of the CN4, CN4E and CN50 adds to their range.

Now with 3.5G Wireless WAN, the CN4 is an extremely feature rich extension of the highly successful CN3 range. It comes in standard and extended keyboard (CN4E) formats and maintains Intermec’s reputation for providing market leading technology combined with the highest levels of ruggedness.

But for immediate impact it was probably the all-new CN50 which most caught the eye. Aimed specifically at mobile sales and service delivery organisations, the CN50 is claimed to be the industry’s most advanced rugged mobile computer. It offers headline grabbing features such as 3.75G Wireless LAN, Integrated digital compass and GPS radio to provide instant and real-time directional information, and even a built-in accelerometer which senses the position of the device to trigger display rotation!

However, perhaps the biggest impact on the audience was achieved by the launch (as an option on both the CN4 and CN50 handhelds) of an Integrated Document Imaging feature. This new feature is a simple ‘point and capture’ means of allowing users to scan and record customer documentation. It removes the need for user ‘focusing’ of the image as required by the cameras commonly available on other systems by automatically optimising the image itself. This results in consistent images of fax level quality which are perfectly capable of supporting invoices, tenders, inspection documentation, visit reports, etc.

Quite a few of our customers have been very successful in reducing or eliminating paper generated by their delivery processes. In turn, however, some of their customers have reduced the benefit by insisting on providing their own A4 type documents as part of a receipting or certification process.

Now the Intermec range allows us to provide an answer, with high quality document images fully integrated to our handheld delivery system and stored for retrieval and use on our server application.

About Mobile Enterprise Systems Limited 
Mobile Enterprise Systems provides delivery management solutions to some of the best-known mobile sales and service companies in the world. The system is currently being used in more than 17 countries by thousands of mobile workers every day, providing significant administrative savings, increasing mobile worker efficiency and improving customer service while providing the highest quality management information.


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