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IT System Finance and Software Leasing

Spread the cost of your mobile data solution with specialist IT technology-leasing from £80 per user, per month

Whether through the need to conserve cash, keep working capital available or simply through company capex restrictions, IT and technology purchases are often put on hold, stifling the progress of businesses and potentially allowing competitors to gain technological advantage.

Perhaps surprisingly, given the diet of headlines to the contrary that we are fed so regularly, there are plenty of capital equipment leasing companies in the market today seeking to provide firms with the ability to afford new technology with a known fixed payment, reduced up-front costs, a fully defined total cost of ownership and even flexible payment plans to reflect seasonal trading.

Mobile Enterprise Systems have developed a number of partnerships in this area and regularly arrange finance on behalf of customers for software licenses and implementation services up to 100% of the total invoice value on any single transaction. On a daily basis, our team is in contact with numerous reputable specialist IT technology finance companies that make no distinction between the leasing of our M-POS software and the related hardware.

Lease financing is a means of funding your total software solution, including associated services, maintenance, support, training and implementation. Your costs are spread over a multiple-year term, matching the ROI benefits received from our M-POS software. This means that our solution will pay for itself over the duration of the lease or loan - keeping more working capital liquid to fund other business investments.

With current interest rates, leasing can prove to be the right choice even for companies with larger cash reserves by accounting for software acquisition off the balance sheet

Software leasing provides all the same benefits associated with traditional leasing, including:

• Fixed monthly payment – plan your budgets with confidence
• Immediate system implementation – without cash flow restrictions
• Independent funding – will not affect any existing bank or credit relationships
• Simple to arrange – finance can be available very quickly
• 100% tax relief throughout the term – maximise tax advantages by leasing rather than outright purchase

As a guide; our mobile data solution can be leased from as little as £80 per user, per month based on 10-vehicle system, including M-POS software, hardware, implementation and support. Monthly costs could be reduced further on a pro rata basis for businesses with additional mobile workers. Monthly costs are guide prices only and are subject to credit checks.

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