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Mobile Data Capture Solutions


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Our easy-to-use mobile data capture solutions are designed to eliminate paperwork and reduce administration costs by providing a seamless link between mobile workers and the office.

In the field, mobile workers carry out their day-to-day deliveries, capturing details of sales and services on their mobile devices, giving your mobile workforce the functionality they need to boost their efficiency and effectiveness as well as improving customer service levels.

Back at the office, administrative staff can easily plan and schedule routes, then use our mobile data capture system to direct, manage, and monitor operations in the field with real-time field data visibility. Managing customer profiles, asset profiles, telesales call schedules, warehouse and stock control, customer-specific pricing, etc., is easy with the M-POS system. 

For business owners and management teams, the advanced reporting capabilities of this mobile data capture supports decision-making and provides important statistical information to feed back into the in-field operation to ensure that your mobile workforce are maximising sales opportunities and offering the highest level of customer service .

By automating day-to-day field activities and by providing a constant, real-time flow of information between your mobile workers and office staff, you can empower your workforce, gain real competitive edge and keep your 'Cost to Serve' to a minimum. By eliminating paperwork and printing, your organisation will also be more environmentally friendly.

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