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Bradgate Bakery Delivery System

Powerful Data at your Fingertips - Now Available on Tablet Devices

Provide your mobile sales team and delivery drivers with the key sales tools they need with our market-leading software combined with the ease and convenience of a tablet. Designed to run on both the iOS and Android platform, our application helps ensure that your mobile sales force will know where to go, which products are required and the pricing and promotion details needed to maximize sales and enhance customer experience.

Consider Running Your Mobile Sales Force on a Tablet

• Runs on either the Apple iPad or Android tablet
• Sleek graphical interface and overall ease of use
• Includes pre-built integration to existing mobile data systems
• Option of running powerful presales application on lower-cost tablet devices
• No rigid device access requirements – select your desired options and go

Popular Features

• Real-time posting of orders
• Delivery date selection
• Different ways of filtering products on the screen
• Item lookup
• Full order history (including order history and routebook information)
• Sample order of last visit – and the ability to create a new order using previous order as template
• Price entry and discounting (manual discount)
• Ability to edit pricing
• Stops by day
• Order history for “X” stops
• Ability to take store inventory
• Build-ups
• Automatic application updates
• Ability to send logs and database to server for support purposes

Our software solutions, now available on tablets, are proven, full-featured, cost-justified, integrated systems for automating transactions across your business, improving efficiency, reducing costs and eliminating paperwork. The system is fully customisable to interface with your existing accounting systems or can work as a stand-alone solution for your mobile workforce and office personnel.


Get in touch to find out more or call us on +44 (0) 117 325 0505




Get in touch to find out more or call us on +44 (0) 117 325 0505