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Predictive Sales Orders Systems

Predictive Sales Order System

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Solution overview

Our predictive sales order module automatically generates suggested orders based on historic customer data, thus maximising sales and reducing returns and waste. This module is particularly beneficial to suppliers of FMCG, products with short shelf lives and replenishment based products (often sold on a sale-or-return basis).

The predictive sales order module within our mobile data system will calculate the correct quantity to be sold into the store, taking into account the sales rate for each product at each delivery point and will allow unlimited, different predictive order profiles (calculations) to be created. These profiles can then be assigned to customers, products or product groups as required and can be specific to individual delivery points.

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Benefits to your business

  • Increase sales whilst minimising returns
  • Eliminate distribution gaps
  • Generate higher margins
  • Optimise product mix
  • Forecast stock requirements
  • Automate sales tasks for speed and accuracy
  • Improve customer service
  • Gain greater business insight
  • Grow your business

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