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Route Scheduling Software and Route Planning Systems

Route Scheduling Software

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Solution overview

Route Dispatch Manager is a powerful routing tool that dynamically manages daily route scheduling and call optimisation, automating the planning of work for drivers and vehicles, producing for you the lowest cost routes while still meeting all customer commitments, including delivery windows, vehicle characteristics, etc.

Route Dispatch Manager ensures that routes are logistically accurate with the ability to amend and reschedule deliveries as required, using a simple 'drag and drop' diary management tool. Real-time vehicle tracking, combined with a live view of delivery execution, allows for fast and accurate route re-optimisation, maintaining transport efficiency whilst meeting business targets.

Route optimisation is based on territories, mileage, vehicle costs and customer service commitments. In addition to a real-time view of customer order execution, Route Dispatch Manager provides instant EPOD recall, a comparison of actual route and planned route and variance analysis for time, distance and costs. Route replay is supported using bread-crumbing to demonstrate driver behaviour, including speed.

The Route Dispatch Manager is a fully integrated module of the M-POS mobile POD system, with data being immediately updated as events occur in the field. The system is fully customisable to interface with your existing business management and accounting systems.


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Benefits to your business

  • Meet order fulfilment windows 
  • Avoid late delivery penalties 
  • Reduce distribution/administration costs and errors
  • Respond quickly to stock picking issues, truck breakdowns and last minute orders 
  • Reduce over-resourcing 
  • Avoid operating inefficient routes
  • Improve customer service
  • Gain greater business insight
  • Grow your business

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