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Why Invest in a Van Sales System

Why invest in a van sales system to manage your deliveries?

What is a van sales system?

A van sales system is an automated computer system that allows you to track sales and deliveries. In fact, a van sales system provides you with the ability to monitor and control all in-field activity from your office or depot.

Comprising back-office management software that communicates directly to handheld computers (and belt-mounted portable printers if required), a van sales system can provide you with a minute-by-minute view of your mobile workers’ progress and each handheld is updated daily ensuring that your mobile workers have the most up-to-date information on customers, pricing and stock availability.

A van sales system controls the entire sales cycle from customer details and customer-specific profiles, to products, price lists and promotions, as well as delivery routes, sales orders, invoicing and credit control. Predictive selling tools can help mobile workers/reps to manage stock levels and product mix.

What are the benefits of a van sales system?

In a nutshell, a van sales system will help you to work more effectively, visit more customers and improve order delivery times. It will also help you to reduce costs with a substantial reduction in manual processes and data entry resulting in lower administration costs, improve cash flow by reducing the order to invoice time with instant customer invoicing fewer transactional errors and increase revenue by increasing the number of calls per mobile worker, reducing wastage and providing you with far greater business insight allowing you to make informed business decisions.

Who will benefit from a van sales system?

Most importantly, a van sales system will bring substantial benefits to the most important people within your business – your customers. With live progress reports, you can proactively manage deliveries, informing customers in advance of any changes or delays to their deliveries. Proof of goods delivered and returned as well as payments made, ensures that customers are only ever invoiced for goods that they receive. Proof of delivery, past orders and returns can be instantly recalled using the van sales office software, quickly resolving queries and reducing the number of disputes.

Your mobile workers will instantly benefit from the substantial time savings that a van sales system brings with no need for duplicate or triplicate pads and hoards of paperwork. They will no longer need to plan their route each morning as this will appear in call order on their handheld computer, with the route fully optimised and they will know exactly what stock they are carrying on the van at all times throughout the day.

The production team will be able to match production to demand with accurate historical sales data reducing wastage. The management team will obtain greater visibility and control of all aspects of the business with advanced management reporting and historical data.

How much does a van sales system cost?

A van sales system can cost as little as £5 per mobile worker per day and a full return on investment can be expected just 18 months from the implementation of a van sales system by Mobile Enterprise Systems.

But, in the current economic climate, it’s never been more important for businesses to save cash. Company budget restrictions often mean that IT, software and technology purchases are put on hold – this is when finance options can be considered. Software financing is a means of funding your total software solution, including associated services, maintenance, support, training and implementation. Your costs are spread over a multiple-year term, matching benefits received from our M-POS software. This means that our solution will pay for itself over the duration of the lease or loan - keeping more working capital liquid to fund other business investments.

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