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Waste Management Systems

Waste Management and Recycling Systems

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Solution overview

In addition to the usual overhead of a logistics business, companies in the waste management and recycling sector are required to prove they have acted responsibly and in accordance with legislation when dealing with waste. The management of confidential waste adds a further overhead of being able to prove to your customer what you picked up, the quantity, where you picked it up and at what time. Then you must be able to prove how you disposed of it.

Our waste management and recycling system records all of this information, eliminating the risks involved and simplifying processes and delivering disciplines required to ensure your company complies with good environmental practice and legislation. A full audit trail is available for publishing to your customers.

Benefits to your business

  • Increase productivity and performance against SLAs
  • Report collection/disposal progress in real-time
  • Improve job allocation and management
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Track and keep full service history of all assets
  • Reduce fuel and vehicle maintenance costs
  • Improve customer service
  • Gain greater business insight
  • Grow your waste management business

Waste management specific features include:

  • Delivery and collection route planning and scheduling
  • Waste transfer notes printed at point of collection or disposable
  • Electronic proof of service with signature capture for waste transfers notes
  • Photographic evidence of risks and hazards and/or obstructions to collection/delivery
  • Record tipped waste by weights
  • Risk assessments
  • Asset servicing schedules and full service history
  • Asset tracking and asset hire
  • Vehicle inspections
  • Asset recovery rate (actual revenue as percentage versus total possible revenue, per asset)
  • Asset profit statements (revenue versus service costs)

Our waste management, recycling and confidential waste system is a proven, full-featured, cost-justified, integrated software solution for automating transactions across your business and reducing paperwork. This application software is fully customisable to interface with your existing accounting system or can work as a stand-alone solution for your mobile workforce and office personnel.

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